Wednesday, December 16, 2015


        Gummy land!!

The best snack in the world affordable , mouthwatering , and can be a little addicting like when your on your way to grandmas house or just on a family road trip gummies and a capri sun is the perfect snack and a big bag of doritos are all perfect snacks because they are practically the healthiest snack a kid can have besides vegtables, today im going to compare a trend of popular gummies. Listing below...... up first w have sour gummy straws im not certain on the company but they do sell these at any local drug store. Next we Jolly Ranchers gummies the kid friendly snack thats artificially flavored but the taste is horrible it doesnt rally have any juicy delicous flavor but also including from the Jolly Rancher family company we have their signature favorite jolly ranchers candy the hard powrful kick to your mouth and youll go to the store constantly begging for more.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A message to my Candy Lovers

 I would like to make a shout out  to all my candy lovers, you guys are awesome and I love you for sharing the same interests as me. I very well appreciate so because you have a little idea as me not all interests we might not like the same candy, though we like candy shall I say love like is a little effy boring and plain.

So let me just start off by saying candy is the best thing in the world we could possibly survive off of it but its going to go away quickly because its so addicting and good, the only thing that makes it bad is that it can causes health problems later on in your natural born lives (diabetes that is,). Anyway candy is great and all but its also unhealthy so lets just start off by listing all the good candy well candy is candy there arent really any specific candy that is good but everyone does have a their favorite candy I mean its good for the soul.Chocolate is by far everyone's sinful delicacy with all the bursting richness its all everybody talks about it all started from plain bitter yet, healthy coacoa beans before they made it unhealthy there a ton of chocolate candy bars such as..... TWIX, Hershesy's, M&M's, KITKAT. Milky Way, Rese's  all are world favorites probably because of all the attention it gets by biased T.V commercials but its okay, us kind sugary sweets got it all in the bag were coming back strong with powerful sweet taste that the world cannot resists.

 Lets just start off by saying that candy is awesome and you can come up with any cute little idea to satisfy your humble mouth , with being said candy is the new mojo  of the universe were everyone just go's with the flow its crazy how the simplest things can change world peace soon coming up in this month of December were having a grand opening of our very own Sugar factory isnt that crazy? Im a candy lover too but you candy lovers are making it hard out here for my parents I cant keep going on like this when im of age I can buy all the candy I want and need but hey, this post was supposed to be a shout out but somehow it turned into a education class about candy but some day it will be different  but  now its Byeees.... 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas 

Born: September 8' 1994
Age: 21 
Where he's from: New York City,NYC
Nationality: American
Awards he's won: Teen choice award for Choice Viner, Teen choice award for Choice Web Star
Mr. Dallas is an american personality sensation and also a actor from Chino, California who has rose to fame on the video application Vine. 

Sc:Cameron Dallas
Vine:Cameron Dallas
Instagram:Cameron Dallas 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The perfect thanksgiving meal

There's nothing more important in the world than being with your family on the holidays its the pleasant way to have fun and the perfect way too spend time with your family that gives you a chance to catch up on life, work, and etc. Or anything else that comes along with it.

I love a traditional family its so beautiful, its traditional and a little bit differ but for all the grinches in your family if you get sick of doing the traditional stuff each year you can choose to go on or be the bigger person and try to spice it up. The traditional food is great the ham , collard greens or whatever you eat for this big thankful meal that will be leaving full all the way to next year and if your grandma is a women who cooks a lot of food like she's feeding a whole colony when you and her both know that its only 10 people in your family but she disregards what you say because she concludes she loves cooking well grandma if you love it so much you should come to a big happy decision on opening your own soup kitchen since you love it so much and then you can start feeding those colony's your imagining about.

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday along with Christmas Halloween and the rest but existing on this earth we have a ton of traditional holidays that we celebrate every yr. Or something we do every yr. Or every day, Thanksgiving is supposed to be the giving holiday we're the room is filled with laughter , happiness and comfort for those trying times thanksgiving should be thankful but you couldn't possibly be thankful without that perfect thanksgiving meal well almost perfect cause grandma half burned the turkey along with some other burned goods and now you both know grandma should call the lease man to close down that soup kitchen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Baking Championship

Holiday Baking Championship is a good way to start off the holidays especially for the ones you love for all your relatives who will be flying in coming over from near,far doesn't matter Holiday Baking Championship is the family fun show you want to watch with all the beautiful handmade,handcrafted edible creations that when your done watching you will be motivated to do better,they are whipping up sweet talents.
Season 2 is going to be great and remember this is just the beginning hold on to your hats because your in for a special treat Holiday Baking Championship is an uplifting encouragement to everyone who follows there dreams. Host Bobby Dean the commical fiery spirit who loves food,holidays,competitions.

This season on holiday baking championship judges Duff Goldman,Nancy Fuller,Lorrain Pascale will be judging some fierce competition with only 5 competitors left you wouldn't want to miss out.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sugar Factory

This coming month the Sugar Factory will be opening in December 2015 prepare your mouth for some delicious mouth watering treats.

The sugar factory is a new coming store that is located in Orlando,Fl it is not yet open but get ready because theyr'e coming for you and your pockets full of money if you have pockets that is, from there point of view commissioners say its kid friendly and the store is divided into sections of all your favorite candy and treats. The states economy is going to boost up i say that because there are only two Sugar Factory's in the united states one in Florida and the other in California in the next up coming season of 2016 they are hoping to go worldwide.

To give you a little insight the store has featuring candies like Twix , SourPatch, Starburst, M&M's, Snickers, Jaw-Breakers,and more.......

Friday, November 13, 2015

A twist of Lucky Charms

       Lucky charms is the best cereal ever but did you know that you can make sweet yummy items using lucky charms? if not I'm going to show you how you can do that.

First Step: Grab a box of lucky charms it can be the family size box or the regular size either one doesn't matter as long as you have your sweet lucky charms
Second Step: Pre heat your pie crust at 100 degrees and be sure not to burn your pie crust because you still have other things to add
Third Step: For the pie filling you can use some butter cream and egg whites to complete the whitish edgy color and the buttercream for that sweet and bland taste but not to bland then you mix those ingredients in a bowl and while your mixing you can start adding a qtr.. of milk then after you're done put it in the fridgerator for 30 mins. 
Fourth Step:At the bottom of the bag there is lucky charms crumbs and you want to use that , grab a measuring cup and pour in the crumbs after that grab out the pie filling and sit it on the counter and you are now ready for step 5.
Fifth Step: place the pie crust on the counter and slapp in the pie filling gently, neatly make it look presentable.
Sixth Step:After your done filling in the pie filling place it in the oven at 350 degrees let it cook while you sort out the lucky charms if you want a little extra you can add a cup of lucky charms into the pie filling
Seventh Step: while your waiting on your pie start separating your lucky charms were all is left is the sweet delicious marshmallows
Eighth Step:the pie is done and you are ready to top off your toppings take out the pie from the oven the previous lucky charm crumbs sprinkle it all over the pie grab a plate for 1 on the way pick up a blanket and the remote to the T.V. And watch Netflix and chill enjoying a warm slice of lucky charm pie.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chef M.c

                              Chef  M.C.

          Ever since, i was 13 well i'm 13 now but I've figured that i should be a chef well, I shouldn't be I would like to be but its mainly just a polite thought that I somehow got the idea of being in a kitchen working my butt off and cooking for fun I like cooking and the idea of cooking because all of the fresh ingredients and fresh fruit of glorious entree main course and the big boom! desert my personal fave' courses I'd the desert all of the bursting flavors of sweets coming together on one little plate with either chocolate or if your at a fancy Greek, Italian, Australian restaurant you better be ready because your in for sweet treat.One of the reasons I added that was because those are few of the restaurants that goes all out on a desert where sometimes they add exotic freebies or ice cream or a bit of your surprising new fave' candy bar.

     Like Twix for all you candy bar lovers Chef M.c is gonna make it happen a new commical treat that will become an icon all around the world my dream is not actually being a chef I just would enjoy being in somebodys kitchen in a foreign country I would like to travel one day I wouldnt want to be home doing anything but in the future I see me sitting by the pool on my back padio  sipping a homemade caramel latte with a side of warm chocolate cookies. I always loved the idea of making my own food or desert with someone's favorite candy maybe ill make a airheads candy cake or cupcakes or cookies either way I'm going to be a huge sensation I'm pretty sure people will love me and my creative work I know I'm not as skilled but I can learn to be cooking with the most famous and valuable chefs of all time wouldn't that be great id be making a ton of money and instead of cooking in someone else kitchen I could be cooking in my own. All the hard work that could be thrown away if I didn't want to be a chef culinary school is the basics number one thing at school with a huge gap within battling math and kind of science those are like the two most major subjects in the world.

I have a pet peeve cooking isn't what I want to be cooking is a art a skill that I would someday like to grasp I would like to be a fashion designer someday in the beautiful streets of L.A. walking around surrounded by people I don't know and they all will be starring at me and my fantastic chic clothes hand made by myself maybe someone would like to promote for their next fashion show just so that they can have me and my gorgeous fashion designs in there books.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

        I'm pretty sure, we've all know the sit-com favorite T.V. show Hell's Kitchen on Fox. Every Wednesday at 8:00 prepare your eyes for some fun,funny, tense drama that will leave you speechless. 
    Chef Gordon Ramsay is the god of the god's when it comes down to food by that he wants everything perfect and he can be a menace a pest and a crucial but loving in his own way type person. Chef Ramsey is a very good person but mean as on his reality show like, I Said r he really likes everything perfectly done and when i say perfect i mean perfect. He can be a little wise in the butt sometimes but he manages to controls himself  but he cant when he feels like his team isn't making an effort he'll be the one to tell them to motivate them not in a good way, but trust me he means well all he mainly wants is to succeed. 

      Even though, chef Gordon Ramsay is a over the head person he enjoys you and i'm re you'll enjoy him 7 months. ago i wanted to be apart of Hell's chen i don't know why but i was young and i liked the idea of cooking and being able to be on a reality show not many people have that chance and cooking just sounded so easy i loved the thought of being a cook maybe even a chef but you never know maybe that too if im able but i would be able because im going to work hard every day practice some little recipes or a little snack that i could prepare for myself when i get out of school thanks to chef i can set my mind to do all things.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tomato Tom`ato

                 Ive bet you heard the saying tomato tomato i know their spelled the same and they look the same but hey, don't lecture me im just writing the most fascinating blog im ever going to post. Tomato tomato means i say this you say that w.e big whoopp! and theirs two beginnings in my blog post today.

              My second meaning tomatos, tomatos can be part of a dinner or recipe with the special blend of spices tomatos are used alot like when your eating a burger your red circled friend with holes is going to be sticking out just to be polite you might wanna say hey cause hes the reason your burger is filled with such flavor and power its that powerful kick of slimy smooth soft acidy  goodness. The flavor that makes your burger delicious besides the lettuce and the meat well, burger i guess if you want to call it that burgers in particular are good but i prefer tomatos on my hamburger than my cheeseburger and its only because i do not want my tomatos touching my cheese. I honestly, think that cheeseburgers are better without cheese i dont know why i think that but i just think in my opinion it taste better any other time i had an cheeseburger with tomato i thought it was rather discusting feel the tomato juice ran down my fingers like melted ice cream on the 4th of july nasty right? then i couldnt even enjoy my burger it felt all mooshed up like someone just kicked and stepped all over it for days next half of my lettuce was about to fall apart and then my ketchup started running like a three yr.old runny nose then out came the mustard. Ill never eat a burger like that again.
.Shrimp capelinni
.Toasted sandwhiches
.Glazed tomato fish fillet
.Rice bowls all have delicious tomatos in it i know lots of people dont really value for tomatos but their actually good you never know for a person that say they like sushi they might have tomato sushi and since you like sushi mine as well enjoy tomato sushi.

       I personaally looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee spaghetti i dont care what kind it is ill eat it a few months back my family and i took a field trip to the spaghetti wearhouse and when i tell you their spaghetti is too die for its sooo good and they have all kinds you know espiacially for the extra lil picky people like me. All for a reasonablally choice for picky eaters they even had a buffet for salad lovers and a little menu for vegans (the non eat meat people).I will say its kind cool to be a vegan well i dont really know but i know a little stuff about vegans i know they dont eat meat and some of them like my taecher she eats rice beans, bread veggies fish and so on and so on. But loving spaghetti is like loving a new born baby to me its sweet and nice and very pretty which its special and kind of weird decor and delicious well besides a baby babys are'nt delicious well i dont know they might but i reccomend that dont want to try one because thats weird. Just weird why would I want to eat someone's child that's apart of them some how but if we were to compare a baby to spaghetii spaghetti would win its a lot softer and edible not that baby's aren't edible but I'll leave that one for the cannables. To all the spaghetti lovers out there I your president is going to help make it happen spaghetti can be enjoyable in many ways and the next time you and your family sit down and have nice decent plate of it email or inbox me a invititaion I'll be there quick fast and a hurry.

Friday, September 25, 2015

My Bestfriend/Sister

                                  Do you have a bestfriend?If you answered yes, what is she like? Is your bestfriend cool? Is your bestfriend funny? But before you start blabbing your mouth let me first tell you about my bestfriend.

      My bestfriend is the best person in the world like litterally the best well, besides my mom but yes she is the best.but, i bet my bestfriend is better than yours this person is the only person i talk to about real word problems like boyfriend , homegirl drama or drama in school which who are all people that cause problems in my world, my life and it just gets on my nerves and if you say im too young too have nerves your wrong everyone has them. My bestfriend is the only person that can make me laugh and smile when my world is grey she makes me happy sad and mad but mostly, happy because im never mad at her like its so impossible maybe, yes we have our disagreements but doesnt everybody. We laugh about everything sometimes the most stupidest and unnessecary things but at times its actually funny.

       Theirs never a dull moment when your around Tamya or if I'm around her she's like the most craziest weirdest funniest coolest person I ever met she's always their when I need a friend. And when I need advice or her help about something she's always the person that helps me accomplish those things when I need ideas about our homework if its a writing assignment or if I don't understand a math problem shell always be the one to help me. She's the only person I do the most craziest things with besides aliyah like today in class,I'm not going to say which class cause I don't want Ms.Alexander snitching on me. But we both decided to try a glue stick for the first time isn't that crazy? Like who's willing to eat a glue stick and your not even doing it as a bet so weird right? But my best friend is the best person in the world and I cherish every moment I have with her but she's not only just my best friend but she's my sister and if your best friend is nothing like mines get lost., buster. 
-Marliyah c

Monday, September 21, 2015

Food Lovers Guide to Awesomeness

     Their are different types of food but you need to first learn the steps on how to eat food and things of that nature but first let me explain the reason I chose this topic you see I just had an instant thought like I was sitting down and eating hot Cheetos and BOOM! It hit me with a bang why not write my second blog about food and I just thought to myself way to go Marliyah that's a great idea being that I love to eat and I like food and so does everybody I know but any who I just decided to write about food.

   And let me get this straight there are no tips on how to eat food or choosing food you just get something shove it in your mouth and with out swallowing you just eat it whole  Like a  snake lol, just kidding you don't do that unless you're ready to die you know what I mean. But lets be honest here how many of us have favorite food? If you answer you do in your head you are very wrong and also very weird in so many ways like who in the world has a favorite food I know I surely don't and you know why because I like all food and the reason why I like all food is because well we all know why is because food is awesome food is good and is the best thing that ever happened to me oh how I wish I could. if I had all the money in the world
50%: clothes
10% :shoes
75% :food
I know you might think I'm weird or that I'm totally insane but guess what its neither I just happen to be obsessed with food wouldn't you be with that than some boy right? I know I would I would choose food over a boy any day like boys are a pain in the butt especially boyfriends they hurt your feelings make you feel bad about yourself  make you wear short skirts  call you out your name  give you head aches and the most worst thing about it they cheat its so crazy and come to think you thought you actually really liked him but you were wrong yes wrong.

     The worst thing that could happen when your obsessed with food is you always catch yourself spending unnecessary money for no reason but hold on oh yeah, their is a reason you are hungry! but if it starts to become a problem where you're hungry all the time oh that's a problem if I were you I would go get that checked out lol, just kidding but seriously you should go get that checked out but to tell you the truth that's a bad habit I would worry about the difficult problem but no, I always say that why not wait till it tries to kill me but that's how people get fat and bloated eating to much junk but I recommend you take little serving sizes of junk food just top be on the safe side like I mean I'm okay if you want to go overboard but i'm telling you now I am not responsible for your actions if you start to wazz out. Lets get to the point now that I covered that topic I know, my tittle is the food lovers guide to awesomeness and I didn't really guide you to awesome food but I did give out some fun, funny tips on how to be careful with your food. So here's the moment you all been waiting for to choose out a good food ill tell you in the margin below.
:make sure its within price range
:make sure its what you want
:always eat your dessert first just kidding that is disgusting, its like a waste of time
:make sure its something you like and lets be reasonable here well know when we like something cause like it'll be like are instincts wanting something really bad and we give up and finally give it to them not exactly the easiest thing ever but its worth it and it'll do. See you next time .
-Marliyah C 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Unnesescary Violence

Violence isn't the key it isn't the key to anything because sometimes you can get Phisically and emotionally hurt yes, emotionally like mixed emotions or feelings towards people ,feeling left out like uhm.... You don't belong none wants to feel that way everyone should be treated equally and the direct respect they deserve.
  September 16, 2015,yesterday I participated in some violence and it was not pretty yes I can say it wasn't my faught all day long but what I would say didn't effect as much as I thought would have. But.... I would like to share my experience with my beloved friends I love and miss you guys already Victor and I know what you're thinking Micheala and Ahyanna mainly I don't like him I typed him first because Victor knows what it feels like at least hes trying to learn his lesson me, you see I gotta be the hard head one and can't  ignore stupid looking people and be the bigger person even though I'm physically small. But anyways Victor, Aliyah,Claude,Tamya,Micheala,Johnnie,Encye,Nicole,
Rahquan,Steve,Ramis,Abby,Sullen you were so helpful too me yesterday thankyouu,Noxima,Shannon,Janiyah. Hope you guys are having fun making good choices unlike me I honestly don't want too see anyone of you in this situation or I'll cry.

     I wanted to share that experience with you guys because I care about you all even though, sometimes I don't nearly show it but really I do I have feelings too. I know this blog in particular was very weird but I just wanted to share that its no fun sitting in a office all day with a head ache and a weak bladder only being able to get up once throughout the day of hell sorry I let you guys down and big sorries to Ms. Alexander the best teacher in the world I wish you could teach me for highschool p.s. I finally saw your boyfriend in person ,lol you should've seen your face.
-Marliyah C

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Bigger Me

                                            The Bigger Me

As a kid everyone has dreams, hopes, wishes, and things they would like to do and things they enjoy. Well, when I was a kid I had tons of dreams and things I enjoyed and wanted to do but now that I grew older all of that has changed.

               Age:7 2007 I supposedly, made up my mind that I wanted to be a fashion designer. I wanted to be a fashionista because I liked everything about it the shoes, the styles, the clothes, the aromas,the vibes, the traveling, the modeling, the décor everything.... including the supplies. It was like I was gifted with that talent to just design clothes and to be a model and walk down the stage floor with all the attention, lights, camera's,. People asking for autographs and to be loved like people really admires you and not just your work or how pretty you are but you! Because of all the hard work you put in to be in that place it's memorizing and all the effort you put in. Like you live like you never been hurt.

         Age:9 2011 March 5'  I immediately got a present to help motivate me for my birthday it was a Monster High fashion sketch pad  I remembered it very well because, as soon as I got it I immediately started to ponder and sketch and come up with new designs like I was an actual artist who soon enough had a dead line to complete and that was something I would look forward too. Very exciting, sometimes when I would be home by myself I would scamper to my room , plunder in my closet then I would pull out my box with all my sketchy items and the note book would always be the first thing I grabbed then I would grab my color pencils and crayons next , 1magazine of  the weeklys fashion choices for inspiration.
       Now I'm the big 13 were  I can't think about what I want to be when I grow up its either know it and be it or bad descisions bad choices leading to stupid mistakes and I'm not very sure on what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it. When I'm older I plan to move to L.A. California with my best friend Tamya Igles but as of for now my goal is to get on with school and graduate and go to the college I always dreamed of when I was just the little 7 but its in New Jersey I will be attending either Rhode Island college or Princeton university but iam yet still not sure what I want to be and yes iam procrastinating.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Best Trip Ever !!

                   My Trip to Decaymen and New Mexico

   It feels so good to say that I've been out of state. I don't mean to brag or anything but let's just say that it was my second most best thing in my life. (My first best thing was when I first got my turtles they were Triplett's).  Tis how it all went down. Before we went to Mexico, there was the Decaymen Islands.            
                                                                                                                    T         The Dacaymen Islands:
   Every time I think of the Dacaymen Islands I think about the Bahamas because they are similar places. The Daymen Islands is such a beautiful place with loving, kind people, great food, beautiful beaches, hotels and so on and so on but the most thrilling best thing was when I saw those piranhas. Yes piranhas, I'm not going to lie, it was scary, but such a wonderful experience seeing them so close up. They were gracefully jumping out of the water with popping plunges.
    New Mexico:

    Finally I can explain about my second best trip ever. When we first docked the boat at New Mexico my heart stopped then started up again then skipped a beat. I was just that excited, I couldn't believe with my own eyes that I was in Mexico It was so unbelievable but I couldn't really enjoy the moment because we had to hurry up and scurry off to haul a cab .As we loaded up in the miniature looking van I stared out the window while looking at such the pretty sites while counting how many restaurants I could find. Then it hit me: We had reservations at one of the most pretty, fun beaches on the outskirts of New Mexico and it was called Mr.Sancho's Beach.
   While we pulled up in the rocky sandy parking lot there were free iguanas roaming around freely greeting new coming visitors. The water was very clear and cool and it was calling my name.  Huge square pools with built in stools, infinity pool, and a banana boat.
While we were leaving there was a giant cage wicked cool, with the worlds biggest bird who had the most beautiful green, purple, blue feathers and a bright green aro with coated black can you guess what bird it was if so comment below. Sikee I'll just tell you you'll never guess the right answer but the giant bird was a peacock.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Glorious Traveling

                       Traveling is one of the most glorious times of your life its like you can finally be free to be you! I most certainly, enjoy traveling personally I'm the only one in my family thats been almost , halfway, around the world pretty funny, huh? Well I find it funny because my moms not even from Florida and I do more traveling than her. Just in case you were wondering my mother is from New Port News Virginia, and I meaning I , myself agreeingly , think that she shouldve could have if she was able to visit out of another state I wishfuly agree so.          If I were allowed to give tips on traveling I would most definitely say the following.....
 : Don't never wander off
 : Don't eat the food from the confession stands if their outside
 : Spend you're money wisely on souvineers
 : And don't I repeat DONT 🙅 use room service unless adviced and rich.         And to spice up my lifeless blog for today if you shall think so of course, down below will tell you all the places I've been so far.
              Places I've been so far....
: New mexico
:(Decaymen) Islands excuse the first word
:New York
:New Jersey
:Savannah Georgia
:Atlanta planning to go soon.....
:Alabama planning to go soon.....
:Virginia planning to go soon.....
P.S. Ms. Alexander if you read this donnot take away a point because the misspelled word on my English just add comments and correct my spelling. -Marliyah

Monday, August 31, 2015

About Marliyah

                                                   All about Marliy-uhhh

THE Marliyah was created on a chilly March 5, 2002 . Marliyah is.... is nice upbeat person with sometimes an self centered fulfill but she trys not to get that way because she knows thats not how her parents taught her Ma & Pa were always cheerful givers. Marliyah is the latin word for peace the reason they say Marliy-uhh because the y- uhh adds peace and love and the uhh is to exaggerate how dramatic she is and the extra H is .... i dont know. How marliyah acts well uhmm you'll just have to find out.
   : Marliy-uhh's  Height 5'1
   ; Favorite food All types of junk food
   : Likes to have fun on the scale of 1-10 TEN!!!